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I help companies to fill gaps in experience by solving sophisticated problems and training teams to solve them

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1. Technical guidance of contractors.

2. Increased code coverage from 0 to 80%, introduced integration testing.

3. Redesigned core part of a system to make it more testable, extensible and maintainable.

4. Made the system consistent and removed concurrency issues.

5. Improved a performance of the most popular use cases in 3 times.

6. Final vote on choosing technical approaches.

Development environment:

IBM Java (J9), Eclipse IDE, Eclipse RCP, Eclipse Equinox, OSGI, RTC, REST, Apache Jena, JUnit.


1. Created a plan to solve quality issues in one SaaS product including creation of standards and acceptance criteria.

2. Lead an acceptance of the plan from stakeholders, provided constant assistance during plan implementation.

3. Acted as a technical expert in that product.

4. Acted as a security expert in all products.

5. Migrated Jenkins based CI builds for a core project to CD pipeline including cleaning ineffective solutions and adapting to new project requirements.

Development environment:

SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry, Java, Jenkins, Docker.


1. Identified bottlenecks and created a plan of improvements.

2. Removed redundancy from development process.

3. Introduced measuring performance of a team and individual contributors.

4. Fixed broken Continuous Delivery pipeline for several services.

5. Provided technical guidance for introducing support of US market.

Development environment:

AWS, Docker, Java, Spring, Netflix OSS, Jenkins, Microservices.


1. Implemented the most complex and critical tasks for several projects. Customers had been waiting for 2+ years for completion of some of them.

2. Organised delivery process from resource and product perspective for lack of resource and product management for several projects.

3. Guarded high technical quality in products.

Development environment:

Java, Spring, Apache Struts, JUnit, Postgresql, Apache Kafka, Jenkins, Docker, Maven, Intellij Idea.


Designed and implemented a core part of A/B testing system for Upwork platform.

Development environment:

Java, Dropwizard, AWS(EC2, DynamoDB, Redshift), Netflix OSS (Eureka, Hystrix, EVCache), Docker, Elastic Kibana, Grafana, REST, JUnit, PITest, Intellij Idea, Microservices.


1. Lead several teams of 3 software engineers and QAs.

2. Final vote on choosing technical and organisational approaches.

3. Implemented core parts of payments framework that is used by top 60 banks in the world.

4. Created a system for automated functional testing of online banking that made hundreds of manual QAs redundant.

5. Lead migration from .Net to Java stack for office employees including organising trainings and workshops.

6. Interviewed core people for a new office.

Development environment:

Java, Perl, Groovy, Oracle, Maven, Sonar, Bamboo, JUnit, Selenium, JMockit, Jira, Intellij Idea IDE, Eclipse IDE, Netbeans IDE, Linux (Red Hat).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

I live in Germany and work remotely. I'm open to onsite collaboration too.

What is a price of your services?

It depends on the value I can deliver to your business.

Do you work on hourly basis or per project?

Generally I work per project, in exceptional cases I can work on hourly basis.

Do you work only with enterprise customers?

No, I work with everybody including startups.

Do you specialise on a concrete technical and business field?

No, I'm open to all fields.

Do you provide services as individual contributor or as an organisation?

Generally as individual contributor. In exceptional cases I can form a team for a project.

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